Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sussex Spaniel Temperament and Personality

The Sussex Spaniel Temperament

Sussex Spaniels are a working Spaniel dog breed that are friendly, respond well to canine training, and are loyal to their owners; Sussexs tend to do best in small families. The average Sussex Spaniel temperament makes these Gundogs an amazing choice for only child families. Sussex Spaniels are in particularly reliable and are dogs that are good with children. Although Sussex Spaniels are incredibly gentle and friendly towards children, they do not tend to do well with other dogs if they're not socialized with canines from an early age, so it's important to make sure that whenever owning a Sussex Spaniel, you let your pooch interact with foreign dogs on a regular basis, so that your Sussex doesn't develop any dog aggression issues later in life.

Sussex Spaniel Dog Training

When it comes to canine training with these Spaniel Gundogs, they're usually easy to train and are highly obedient dogs. Sussex Spaniels are especially talented when it comes to being good hunting dogs and Gundogs. Remember like I said, it's necessary to socialize a Sussex Spaniel with strangers and dogs while your pooch is still a Sussex Spaniel puppy.

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