Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sussex Spaniel Appearance and Coat

The Sussex Spaniel Appearance

Sussex Spaniels are heavily built spaniels with many bodily similarities to that of the Clumber Spaniel. Considering their heftiness though, the Sussex Spaniel has relatively high levels of stamina. Sussex Spaniels display melancholy facial expressions with drooping upper lips and somewhat sagging eyes like a Bloodhounds or Basset Hounds. These Gundogs tend to show lighter colored brown to golden yellow eyes, semi dark brown eyes, and hazel eyes. These canines feature light brown noses that tend to match their coat colors; the Sussex dog breed has deep, defined, broad chests and semi short legs.

The Sussex Spaniel’s coat is long with feathering on their chests, lower bodies, ears, and tails. Sussex Spaniels exhibit double layered weather proof coats that are either wavy or loosely curled, with more curliness and waviness on the ears. These Gundogs tend to have coat color variations that range from chocolate brown, liver, liver golden, and golden browns with subtle highlights. Due to the fact that the Sussex Spaniel has a long coat, these canine companions require pretty much consistent daily grooming.

Sussex Spaniel Weight and Withers

Withers - The Sussex Spaniel's withers should measure between 13 to 15 inches in height.

Weight - Healthy Sussex Spaniels usually weigh within an average of 34 to 45 pounds.

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